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All of you are welcome to a place where you will get all the updates related to Free Fire India every day and also to a place where you will be continuously introduced to the official statements. Through this site, every smallest detail will be available which will be notified by Free Fire India Department, along with this, you will also be able to download the latest version of Free Fire India through our website.

As we all know that Free Fire India is going to be launched in our country India as soon as possible and its hype has almost increased so much that every player who knows about it is very excited about the launch. So are you ready to explore the Indian version of Free Fire? To download this application, you can visit the link given by us.

Free Fire India APK Full Details

Name Of GameGarena Free Fire India
Developed ByGarena Internation III
Patch Infocom.dts.freefireindia
Current Version1.0
System RequirementAndroid 4.2 or Higher
Ram Requirement2 GB
Storage Requirement500 MB+
Game Size453 MB
Release DateUpdate Soon

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download 2024

Free Fire India will be present with its first version after its launch, after which we all can enjoy this game and after that, continuous updates will also be given through which if anything is missing in the game, it will be rectified. Along with this, if any bug comes up in the game, then it will also be removed.

Free Fire India has become the most hype creating game of 2023 and the pre – registration figure of Free Fire India has crossed 70,00,000. Free Fire India is very good with its updates, one of the special update will be that a new character will be injected who will dependedupon the Indian personality who is Mahendra Singh Dhoni (The Brand Ambassador Of Free Fire India).

Along with this, Free Fire India will promote some more features which will be for our benefit, such as unique features like smooth gameplay and graphic upgradation will be given in Free Fire India, in the benefit of which we can compare this game with Free Fire and Free Fire Max as well as we will be able to play it very well.

For your information, we would like to tell you that Free Fire India will be launched for Android devices as well as iOS devices and also for Windows operating system, after which a player can play on all three platforms and the info for all these systems will be provided to you through our site. You will also get one tap download links of these three platforms from our site.

Free Fire India is an official product of Garena International which has been specially made for India, that is, all the methods used in it will be inspired by the Indian environment and published, which is a matter of pride for us. Free Fire India will be brought only for Indian players, that is, this version will not be available world wide, but every player in India will be able to download this game.

The Free Fire India is an ultimate survival battle royale game that comes in this category as well as it provides an algorithm and automation that makes a player most eager to play it. You will get this game absolutely free, that is, you do not need to pay any money for it and you will be able to download it for free. There are many features of Free Fire India which we have mentioned in this article.

This is a game that offers you a lot of modes through which you will be able to play the matches at your favorite place and on your favorite format. The most popular among its moods are Battle Royale Ranked Mode and Class Squad Ranked Mode. Both these modes are such modes which a player likes very much and most of the Free Fire players like to play them, which will definitely be seen in Free Fire India and we will be able to play these modes very easily.

Its biggest feature is that this game is played among 50 people, out of which one has to survive in the battlefield and reach the end and it depends on any one of the 50 players as to how they handle the situation. While doing this, you will survive in that battle field and eliminate your enemies. So this is our game Free Fire India which provides you unique features.

If we talk about one of its important features then it is going to be its graphic upgrade under which you will get to see a smooth user interface in Free Fire India which will be highly capable even in a low end device and will work very well.Since this game is being made targeting Indian players, the first factor is that this game should run on any device and this is going to be the sure because its graphic optimization has been done to such an extent that It can run smoothly even on the cheapest devices. We have also mentioned its requirements through this article, so do not forget to read it.

Free Fire India Apk + Obb Download For Android

As you all know that the launch date of Free Fire India has been postponed for a few weeks, so till now this game has not been launched and almost every player who has registered for it is very disappointed.

We are more curious to know when this game will come and when we will be able to play it. So, now you do not need to worry because we have made your work easy and we have done it in such a way that you can download this game through our site as soon as possible and if in any case you did not know that the game has been launched, we also have a solution for when Fire India is launching.

You just have to keep our site notification on after which we will put a post when Free Fire India will be launched, after that you will be able to come to our site and download that game very easily. Now we will tell you some important steps which will help you in downloading the APK file of Free Fire India.

How To Download Free Fire India APK?

Whenever you try to download any file or any application from your browser, you will get a pop up after which you cannot download it because one of your settings is not enabled and as a result you will not be able to download it. It prevents your file from downloading successfully. If you download this file and get the same error, then you can remove this error by following the instructions given below and then you can successfully download and play Free Fire India.

1. Clicking On The Download Link

We have given you a link above the previous paragraph, by clicking on which you can reach the page where the APK file of Free Fire India is present. So first of all you have to tap on the same link and you will reach there from where you have to download the file and after that you can follow the instructions given below.

2. Enable Unknown Sources On Your Device

  • Firstly you have to go to the setting in your phone.
  • At the top, you will see the search icon, tap on that
  • Now search for the term ‘unknown sources’
  • After that you may have two options, the first one will be to just enable the setting, so do the same
  • If you do not have enabling option, then just find the chrome app and you will see an option termed ‘allow from this source’, just turn it on
  • Now you have successfully completed the first step

3. Download And Locate The File

After making the setting above, you have to download that file and locate it and if we want to give you an advice, you will need an application named Z Archiver which you will get from Play Store. so you download it

4. Extraction & Pasting

  • Now you have to open the Z Archiver application and allow all the permissions, after this you have to reach the location where the Free Fire India Apk file is present (to the download location) and as soon as you reach there, you will see a zip file. You will get it, you have to tap on it and extract it at once.
  • After extraction, two files will appear in front of you, the first file will be the APK file, on which you have to click and from there tap on the install button and install that file
  • You do not have to open that application yet because there is still one step left
  • Now what you have to do is that you have another file with the name com.dts.freefireindia, you have to cut this folder from there and paste it in Internal Storage > Android >Obb.

5. Start Playing

All your important steps have been completed, now you can enjoy this game and for this you need to come to your home screen and from there with the help of app drawer, locate the Free Fire India application and open it and play. Even after this, you have to complete many important things, therefore we will give all those instructions in the upcoming articles, so do not forget to read our articles.

Key Features Of Free Fire India Battle Royale 2024

As we have mentioned many times in the article that you will get to see many such features in Free Fire India which will be very fun, so now the time has come that we tell you about those features. We will describe all those features which are very important and will really give you the experience of a battle royale game.

Based On Indian System

If we talk about the first feature of Free Fire India, then it comes out that this game has been specifically made for Indian citizens, that is, this game has been made only and only for India, due to which the people of India are able to play the game. Only Indian people will be able to download it. Along with this, all the surrounding and assets that we will see inside this game would have been made with the help of Indian crafting, which is a matter of pride.

Events and activities will come inside this game and all the events and activities will be presented keeping in mind the Indian culture which is a good thing and we will get to see this unique system which is happening for the first time because anytime in Free Fire It was not made for any specific country and Free File India is being made only for India.

50 Competitor 1 Survivor

Free Fire has a signature objective which we also know as 50 Competitors One Survivor, that is, in this game you will be left in a battle field where you will have to fight with 49 players other than you. You will have to eliminate more people and try to be the last person standing till the end.

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download Latest Version 2

This means you will have to eliminate all the players except you and become the last man standing so that you can win that match and this is the feature we will see in Free Fire India. You will get to see this feature in Battle Royale Mode and Battle Royale Rank Mode, which you can enjoy with great fun.

Frequent Matchmaking

In Free Fire India, you will also get to see such a twist for which you will not have to wait at all and as soon as tap on start, the match will begin, after which you will be able to play it immediately and along with this, it will be completely different from the battle royale. Because in this mode you get to see a small map and you can become the winner in this match in less than 10 minutes.

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download Latest Version 1

This mode is known as Class Squad and it also has a ranked vatiant where you can increase your rank by playing it. This mode will also be available in Free Fire India, after which we will also be able to play it. Under this mode, eight players are paired together where four players are in one team and four are in the other team. Both these teams have to fight among themselves and have to survive by taking cover and If you win, your rank increases.

Graphic UpgradeGraphic Upgrade

There are many players in India who do not have a high performance phone and due to keeping a low end device, they cannot play big games, but the developers of Free Fire India have taken this factor into consideration and made special efforts for this.

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download Latest Version 5

They have taken care that such players can also download and play Free Fire India, as a result, we will get to see a nice and bold graphic in the game which will be compatible even with a budget smartphone. Because of this, players who have a cheap or low end mobile will also be able to play this game very easily. Along with this, we will get to see a good graphics and low lag in Preferred India.

Zombie Hunt Mode Revamp

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download Latest Version 3

Free Fire India is a battle royale category game but there is also a twist within this game which is dedicated to the category outside the battle royale and that is what we call The Zombie Hunt Mode. Actually in this mode you have to kill only zombies and the ranking has to be increased and we want to tell you that this mode will be upgraded in Free Fire India and will be introduced with new challenges which is extremely beneficial for us, so are you excited for this? Stay tuned because this upgraded mode will be injected with the launch of Free Fire India

Changes In Peak

If you are playing the old Free Fire or are also playing Free Fire Max, then you would know that there is a map named Bermuda and it is the most popular map of Free Fire and if we look at one such point of this map. If we talk about a place which is very popular and often players like to land here, then the place is Peak.

Garena Free Fire India Apk Download Latest Version 4

Yes, now you will find this location modified in Free Fire India i.e. Free Fire India has been updated and peak renovation has been done. Along with this, the Peak will also get an upgrade under which you will see as changes in the looks of the place and you will also get to experience new things. So get ready for a new spot that will be added to the Bermuda map after the launch of Free Fire India.

System Requirements For Free Fire India Battle Royale 2024

There will be many of you who have a low end device due to which you may not be able to do any kind of gaming there but you will be happy to know that in the upcoming Free Fire India you will not have to face this problem because It is already known that one of the main features of Free Fire India is going to be such that the graphics have been upgraded as a result, players having low end devices will not have to face lagging and they will be able to enjoy the game easily.

However, there will be a limit and there will be a requirement that what things should be present in your device due to which Free Fire India can run very well on your device, so now we are going to describe it to you.

Name Of GameFree Fire India
AvailableAndroid and iOS
Type of GameMultiplayer Survival Game
Current Version1.0
System RequirementAndroid 4.0 and Above
Ram Requirement2 GB
Storage Requirement500 MB+
Size453 MB

Free Fire India APK FAQs

What Is Free Fire India?

It is a product from Garena International that is a Singapore origin company, famous for the introduction of most popular battle royale game – Free Fire. Free Fire India is a recreate version from the same company that has specially been designed for Indian gaming community.

Is Free Fire India Available To Download?

No, it’s yet not available to download but soon after the launch, you can download it from Play Store and even through our site.

How To Download Free Fire India Apk?

To Download Free Fire India Apk, you have to read the stepas that we have given and soon after its launch, we would add the links so that you can download the game.

When Will Free Fire India Launch?

A confirm date is not yet revealed but expectations are limited upto 15th of October.

Who Is The Owner Of Free Fire India?

Garena International III is the owner of Free Fire India.

Is Free Fire India Banned In Our Country

No, the game is not banned and soon be launched.

How Can I Get Updates Regarding Free Fire India?

You just need to visit our site regularly as we keep uploading posts related to Free Fire India.

Is Free Fire India Available?

No,. currently the game launch is in progress that is why it’s not available.

Should I Download Any Application From Web Namely Free Fire India?

No, you should avoid it as your privacy may be at risk.

How To Know If Free Fire India Is Launched?

You just need to bookmark our site’s address and no sooner we would post the article, you will get notified.

How Much Ram Is Important For Free Fire India?

Minimum 2 GB Ram is required in your phone for the game.

Is Free Fire India Available Only For Our Country?

Yes, Free Fire India Is Made And Available Only For India.


This article has been written targeting those players who are very curious about Free Fire India and want Free Fire India to be launched as soon as possible. Through this article, we have given you every detail about it. We have especially informed you about those details which are going to be its highlighting features, along with this we have also told you the process of downloading it.

Through this article, you will also be able to check whether Free Fire India will be able to run on your Android device or not and for this you will have to read our system requirements paragraph. We hope that you found this article very useful, so stay connected with us for similar articles.

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